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Toddler Re-Negotiation
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Okay, I posted too soon. 

Yes, Caden-3yr is PERFECTLY capable of potty trainedness. However.

His motivation for potty trainedness (i don't care if it isn't a real phrase, i like it) was for me to sign him up in an art class or something similar. Which is why every single time he'd potty, he'd ask if I was going to sign him up yet.  Right.  THe answer was 'no, not until the underwear stays dry all day every day.'

And we got there! Yea! Then when Caden-3yr asks if I signed him up, say YES!! I DID! YOU EARNED IT! I'll write a post about it!

Then, the next day. Total regression to accident after accident after accident.

Deep breathing.

Calmly ask kid WHY.

Kid calmly explains, "You already signed me up!"

I do not have a lyrically incorrect theme song today.  I AM NOT SINGING. I am  breathing deeply, and soon I will go away and have several hours of retail therapy all on my own. 

There might be ice cream. There might be shoes.  My cell phone will be turned off, and the radio will be cranked up high.  Okay. There might be singing.

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Your Comments

Linda Said:

LOL!!! He has a point...you did already sign him up!

on Aug 10, 2007 2:48:04 PM

LOL!! Retail therapy does the soul good!

on Aug 10, 2007 4:34:21 PM
Jeana Said:

Is the kids aware of the phrase "unsigning you up"? (I don't care if it is a real phrase, I'd make it up for this one.)

on Aug 10, 2007 5:17:59 PM
Jill Said:

Sounds like you could use some wine therapy also.

on Aug 10, 2007 7:49:33 PM
Karla Said:

Ditto what Jill said. Cheers! ROFL

on Aug 11, 2007 6:54:37 PM
Grace Said:

LOL we had that problem with one of ours. The key for us was a 21 day chart. A sticker was put on the chart every day that there were no accidents. At the end of the 21 days they'd get a significant prize, of their choosing. We put a picture of that prize on the chart. If they had an accident - the 21 days started over. After 2 restarts, it finally worked like a charm and she got the baby doll bunk beds she really wanted.

on Aug 12, 2007 4:24:16 PM
Tammy Said:

The positive in all of this is at least he KNOWS what he is suppose to do and can do it. It's only a matter of time before the incentives are meaningless and he'll totally want to do it just because! :-)

Tammy ~@~

on Aug 12, 2007 9:08:10 PM
April Said:

We could rewrite another song. How about "Motivation Makes the World Go 'Round"?

Sounds like he didn't quite understand the rules. The chart sounds like a good idea. Jeana & Grace have valid points. I think I'd "unsign him up" until he can keep dry for at least a week or two.

on Aug 13, 2007 9:22:50 AM
Shalee Said:

I'm with Jeana... I'd use the "unsigning" to motivate him to continuous dry pants.

on Aug 14, 2007 11:07:35 AM