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'Breathless' Over New Friends
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I think the potty trainedness is back on track. At J-Mom's suggestion, i sent Ethan-7yr off to have a brother to brother chat with Caden-3yr about all things Big Boy.  I have no idea how it went. When I asked Ethan-7 yr later, he said, "It went good.  You weren't there."   O-kay.

Later, just for good measure, I told Caden-3yr that he is on the Road to Manhood. There are no u-turns allowed on this road, and once you speed by the diapers and pull ups stages, change is ahead. The required attire for the rest of the Road is underwear. He was trying so hard not to crack a smile, so I laid it on extra thick. Then Ethan-7yr piped up and yelled, "YEP! I'm on the Road to Manhood, myself!"  And Caden-3yr dissolved into little boy giggles, which is all I wanted anyway.  (Well, that, and dry underwear.)


Let me introduce you to my new friend, Karla!  Our husbands have worked together for years, but we've never met since we live in different Texas cities and it's a big state and all. Mike always said I'd like them.  I doubted him, and always told him so.  Not that he said anything specific that would make me think i'd dislike them - it's just that Mike likes everyone and I definitely... don't.  It's a fantastic quality of his. He sees the best in people, always.  So, it's great if Mike likes someone. It's a little more rare for me to like someone.  But these people I LIKE.  Really, really like. 

They came over to the NM house, and right before they got there I was SO nervous. I get that way before meeting just about anyone.  Mike got in my face and told me to BREATHE, KELSEY.  So I did. Then they got there, and I forgot to breathe.

So, Karla's husband does what Mike does.  They have one daughter, followed by three little boys.  About the same age difference between the kids as all of ours.  (but our 4 are a little older, as a group.)  She's funny, she blogs, and I fell in love with their kids. 

Is this where y'all start to get suspicious?  Did we really meet another couple who sound EXACTLY like us, and DUH, no wonder you finally found someone you like, Kels? 

No!  We are WAY different!  She homeschools!  She COOKS.  She does the whole FlyLady thing, which i'm pretty darn sure means she actually CLEANS, too! She grinds her own coffee beans in the morning (something I found to be more intimidating than the whole FlyLady thing, but I played it cool.)  And?  When she asked how I take the kids all shopping, she didn't even laugh when I assumed she meant shoe or clothing shopping. Only later did I realize she probably meant groceries. Oh, right! Those. Yes. I think I managed to say something like, "Oh, I go, or we all go together, or um... really we eat out a lot... don't buy many of them anyway..."  It was a fantastic testament to my domestic prowess, y'all. 

The best part? Karla is so darn cool that even though it appears she IS the Martha Stewart of Texas (without the criminal past)  and I'm more like, well, NOT - it was FINE.  She was just as fine with her ability to actually create meals her family eats (whaa?), as she seemed with my total inability or disinterest in accomplishing the same. I LOVE THAT!  Total acceptance and mutual like. Any perceived gap between the Can Cook and the Can't Cooks - yo. That gap's been bridged, y'all.  Just so you know.  It's done. Karla and I handled that for all of us.

Karla and family (i'm hesitating using the rest of their names, but I haven't forgotten them. promise.) were there the day after the Night of the Bear. We're inside talking, and Mike and Karla's husband send the kids off to investigate the dying animal noise I"d heard the night before.  A few minutes later Mike comes in and says, "Well, do you want to be right, or not right?" 

"Right" would mean that the kids unearthed evidence of a bear eating a big animal.  Hmm. Tough one. So I said, "If being right means the kids are playing with a SKULL, then no. I do not want to be right."   

No skulls, just bear footprints.  A good time with new friends.  And breathing.

(go say hi! especially if you're a homeschooler, b/c she's new to the whole blogging thing and I was all "EVERYONE who blogs is a homeschooler."  But then I couldn't remember exactly who.)

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Karla Said:


You are a crazy woman, my friend! I am so totally NOT Martha Stewart. I fumble, find every shortcut known to man, and the only reason I grind my coffee beans each morning is because Thomas hates the kind that are already ground, dry, and taste bad. And I use an electric grinder ~ too lazy. lol

I can't wait to see you again, let the kids play, and just hang out. You are a dear and I'm glad we didn't have to wait another 3 years to meet each other. :0)

{{{Hugs}}} to your crew from mine!

on Aug 13, 2007 6:28:07 PM
Heather Said:

Again, you have me laughing out loud! Breathing is a good thing and I'm glad you are doing just that.

on Aug 13, 2007 11:03:51 PM

Martha Stewart level? I'm just happy if I get the school permission slips on time.... I'm happy if I get the kids to school on time.... who am I kidding -- I'm happy if I just don't humiliate myself by answering the door in my PJ's on Saturdays...

Flylady? Home schooling? Clean house? It isn't happening... though I am happy for those who can pull it off.....

on Aug 14, 2007 10:32:29 PM
Stacey Said:

I'm so proud of you Kelsy... stepping out there and meeting new friends! You're an inspiration to us all :-)

Just kidding, it's great to meet new friends and I'll stop by and say hi to her!

on Aug 15, 2007 6:05:03 PM