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I missed y'all!
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I haven't happily appreciated, sighed and admired the comments section like that in ages. In light of that, let me briefly address a few of you.

Shalee, of course you're not gaining everyone else's weight. (but if someone needs to volunteer for such a job, take one for the team, girl! you're teeeeny!)

Stacey, you're so funny. It was Caden-3yr  who ate the penny, and I did not verify that it 'came out fine.' Let's just 'go on faith ' on that one!  Although the next day I did see him sitting on the potty with a flashlight aimed in the toilet bowl. He was checking on the penny. I admired his no hands- flashlight approach to the issue and left it at that.

It's Kim-13yr who is officially taller than I am. (I'm 5' 4.)

Desert Diva's hair is so cute! No, I haven't taken a picture of mine, but hers is cuter anyway! CLick here to see. (did y'all know that Julie is also the genius behind the cute Club 17 buttons?)

Seth-1yr is the one with the awful haircut. No pictures on that yet either.  I'm. just. not. ready. He was sporting a Longhaired Beautiful Baby Boy look last week, and then without warning Awful Haircutting Madness ensued  and he came home as Junior CEO.  The wonderful women who work in the nursery at my gym DID NOT KNOW MY CHILD. One said she had to match his number up with the name in the log book to figure out who he was.

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Shalee Said:

Well, you need to come for a visit to see how wrong you can be... better yet, come after our vacation (which starts tonight!) I'm going to eat my way through Tennessee!

But thanks for the vote of confidence.

on Jul 19, 2007 3:14:50 PM