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Exercise Equipment on the Porch. Please Steal It.
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it's Saturday, and I'm listening to Mike do his radio show.

I'm also hoping someone will drive by, see that the crazy lady who lives here has hauled her elliptical machine onto the front porch, and steal it.  I listed it on Freecycle, but no takers yet. 

It seemed like a good idea when we bought it. Mike got it and I tried to like it, but it just didn't seem to work for me. I thought I was the problem. I was surely SO out of shape that it just wouldn't work for me. I'd go for all I was worth, and after 3 minutes fall off, breathless. I tried adjusting the resistance. That didn't help. Finally Mike took it apart, 'fixed' it, and reassembled it. Same deal. It has lived an isolated existence in Seth-1yr's room ever since.

Today one of the kids climbed on it, fell off, and then cried, and I'd had enough. I hauled it outside.

It looks fantastic out there, let me tell ya! I could class it up a little with a big "FREE" sign. I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled with this idea, but at least it is finally out of the house. Well, barely.

You know the fridge? Still broken. And no, I didn't ever hear from Frigidaire. But whereas before, when it wasn't cooling, well. Now it is. It is very "Frigid Air." The fridge and the freezer are identical now. It's a side by side freezer/freezer. How novel! The kids do not like solid frozen milk. Before it was smelly with chunks, and they griped about that as well. Picky, picky. 

Not everything around here is broken, though. Is it starting to sound that way?  Let's see... things that are working:

the toilets, but only if I periodically yell at some child, "We are a family of FLUSHERS! Be a flusher! COME ON NOW!" 

My laptop, which I love. It has fewer keys every day, thank you Seth-1yr.

Family. It's not perfect, but I'm grateful. Most days, that's all that matters, and all you need for things to 'work.' 


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I got an elliptical machine from freecycle... got my neighbor to help me go get it... hauled it in my room and I've used it ONCE...

and I can't get rid of mine either... so it's my new towel rack... :)

on Jul 28, 2007 3:38:32 PM
Owlhaven Said:

LOLOL!!family of flushers...let me know if you come up with a solution that actually works. Every evening I go in the little kids' bathroom to give it it's daily flush. Whether it needs it or not.


on Jul 28, 2007 5:09:53 PM