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And We Have a Winner!
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Tomorrow I will be heading to the post office to mail the fantastic prize for Jan (which is SO LATE), and also the prize for...

Tas!  Her comment on the last post, in part:

Well, I am not going to do one today, but hopefully I can still get entered into the contest.

I had surgery on July 10 to remove the lump that has been in there for a little bit, it's still a little tender and healing and what not.

I confess. Normally I have a highly scientific process by which I choose a winner. But after that comment? All that went out the window and I decided Tas had to win no matter what. If you can't win a Club 17 drawing after recovering from lump removal surgery... well, that just wouldn't be right.  Keep us updated, Tas, and rest up!

For all the rest of you, i have a fantastic consolation prize. You know when I told you about zafu?  They find you amazing jeans that really fit YOU, remember? Now!  Now they do the same thing with... BRAS!  Yep. My least favorite item to shop for, hands down. So you have to answer a few very personal questions, and then the site tells you which ones will fit, and exactly how they will fit.

(Once you get your results be sure to click on "How does it fit you?" or something like that. That's a very important thing to remember, because it will tell you if it's a good match for you, but also if it happens to be very painful to wear.  And really, why are those bras listed at all? Can't we just destroy all the 'very painful to wear' bras, or at least not suggest them on websites?)

Ready?  Okay, go!

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Your Comments

tas Said:

Yea me!!! Thank you! I don't normally win stuff!! I will haunt the mail box!!

Just a quick update for you all, my cyst was benign!!! I was back at work in six days! It's still a little tender, but that is to be expected for a bit yet.

Thank for all your well wishes!

on Jul 22, 2007 3:14:27 PM
Stacey Said:

Congratulations Tas! Take care and let us know how you're feeling!!

on Jul 26, 2007 3:10:28 PM