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So Much Fun With J-Mom I Kinda Forgot to Blog
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If I had to say what it is exactly we've been doing... i don't think I could. We talk. We work out daily (surprise to J-Mom, who didn't realize it was a VERY regular thing with me now). Um... we aren't really shopping much...  huh.

She's here. Really. I'll prove it with a picture soon, since details fail me. 

Ah! Today she killed TWO spiders in less than 20 minutes. One had been CRAWLING ON MY ARM, and she came when she heard me stomping and shaking and wiggling in order to get it off me. (my hero!) The other one was in the dirty clothes basket. Gross. There was actually a third spider in the space of that very same  hour (later referred to as the Hour of the Spider), but Caden-3yr stomped it.

Now she's asleep. The Valiant Spider Slayer, and newly crowned Exercise Queen totally deserves a little nap. 

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I've got the icky-shimmies just thinking of the Hour of the Spider. You should carry around a bottle of hairspray for a few days, just in case. Although with Mom there you could probably just let her kill 'em.

on Jun 14, 2007 8:25:49 AM
Emily Said:

Hour of the Spider! Hehe, that is so funny. I HATE spiders, and there seem to be so many right now. I have been finding at least a couple in my house every day for the last month or so. I guess it is the Month of the Spider at my house, at least I hope it was just for a month and that it is over now!

on Jun 14, 2007 11:16:26 PM
qtpies7 Said:

I think I would just possibly have to move out if there was an hour of spiders! God is good, and I rarely find spiders in my house, the kids and dh find them and remove/kill them so I don't come across them. If I do find them, I end up stuck somewhere screaming. My boys like to let them go outside, and that makes me mad!

on Jun 15, 2007 12:03:55 PM
Stacey Said:

Ewww, I would have freaked out with a spider on my arm, too! Thank Heavens for J-Mom, huh?

on Jun 15, 2007 1:45:09 PM