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Oops. I'm Fine! (Sclerotherapy)
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Okay, it's really bad to blog that you're having your veins filled with foam by Dr. Crocodile, and then forget to blog again for awhile afterwards. Sorry about that.  I'll get back to it in a minute.

But for now! Some of you were fantastic enough to do your BSE's and then leave a comment saying you did. YEA FOR YOU!

And especially, YEA FOR JAN!!  (I've met her and I love her and am SO pleased she won. And? She's Jeana's mom.) I'll be emailing you shortly, Jan, bugging you for your address.


I'm going to bore you to pieces now with the details of my Vein Thing. Why? Because so many of you asked me to, and I aim to please.


The Vein Thing was not that bad. Mike and I showed up for my 1 pm appointment. We waited in one waiting room, then another, and were in with the doctor by 1:15. We were in the truck leaving the parking lot at... 1:45. 

Dr. Crocodile came in, filled a syringe with liquid that he then managed to 'pump' somehow. The pumping turned it into a white foam. Then he stuck the needle into my legs at least 20 times. (It was a small needle, and needles don't bother me much.) INSTANTLY the veins that were big and bulgy went away.

I giggled and laughed through the whole thing because I? I am inaproppriately, inconveniently, absurdly and embarrassingly ticklish. Very much so. Dr. Crocodile said he preferred that to someone who complained a lot about the pain, but that was before I kicked him in the arm during one of the last injections, and I didn't ask him if that changed his mind.

I call him Dr. Crocodile because he looks exactly like Steve Irwin. Not that he acts like him. That would be too weird, right?  Except that halfway through the (so short) appointment, i realize HOLY CRAP HE DOES ACT LIKE HIM, TOO! AND HE'S ALREADY FILLING MY VEINS WITH WHITE FOAM AND IT COULD BE ANYTHING AT ALL IN THAT FOAM AND IT'S TOO LATE TO RE-THINK THIS AND...GAH! When Mike and I got to the truck, the first thing he asked was WHY I didn't notice that Dr. Crocodile actually DOES act like Steve Irwin and WHY did that not stop me when i met him in my consultation.  And I have no idea. None.  You'd think I'd care about something like that, but whatever.

It burned a little. It tickled a lot. Overall it was NO BIG THING. The procedure was SO minor. And cheap!  $180, no insurance, plus the cost of 'compression pantyhose.' Those are lovely, let me tell ya. I had to wear those for a few days and sleep in them the first night. Mightly stylish. 

The first 2 days there was the strangest sensation that my legs had gas. The veins that had been 'collapsed' felt as if occasionally they would let out a small bubble of something and it would seem to float somewhere and then pop. Not painful. But as if I had a carbonated beverage in my legs that was slowly losing its fizz. J-Mom said it was Diet Coke, of course. And it was. It was the sensation of Diet Coke in my veins.  As my fellow DC fans might note, it was not at all a bad thing.

So the Vein Thing was Monday. Just yesterday (Thursday) I worked out pretty hard and didn't feel sore. Today I was planning to wakeboard, and am perfectly fine. (boat, lake did not cooperate with plans)

For the record, I had this procedure done because my veins would ache after I exercised. Not vanity. Really! But if I could have a similarly easy procedure done for my stretch marks, OH MY GOSH,  I would, and gladly tell you it would be all in the name of vanity. I know that some of you are all 'i love my stretch marks! they are the battle scars of my pregnancies!'  And good for you, really, but I'm just not that way.

The boogers on my shirt (that are not mine, mind you) are battle scars enough.

If any of you have vein questions, go ahead an email me. There was a surprising amount of interest in this, and I probably didn't cover some of the things you're wondering. (Just click it on the left there)

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Your Comments

Diane Said:

Only you, most hysterical Holy Mama, could make a vein thing sound so fun! I'm glad your procedue is over....and glad that you brought such joy to your Steve Irwin look-a-like Doctor.

Wake boarding after such a procedure? What happened to milking this painful procedure for all it's worth......I'd still be in bed, feet elevated....ringing my bell for more snacks! :)


on Jun 23, 2007 8:25:02 AM
Summer Said:

Thanks so much for the info. I took have achy legs after working out. I had my 2nd child 6 months ago and wasn't sure what was going on til I read your post. Thanks and I'm going to check into it. Glad your recovery was minimal!

on Jun 23, 2007 8:31:15 AM
qtpies7 Said:

Thats great that its so much better!
You CAN get rid of stretch marks with some quick laser thingy! I have no idea about cost or anything, I just know a friend whose friend was learning to do it when it was first coming out and she offered to get my friend's for free as a guinepig.
I don't concider them battle scars, but I just don't care enough to do anything about them. I have 7 kids, my dh isn't going anywhere, he'd have to live in the car, so anything goes, here, lol.

on Jun 23, 2007 8:55:38 AM
Jan Said:

Wow, you are so cool about your vein thingy, and how I wish you had taken a picture of Doc Croc. Not that I would have any interest in having needles poked into my legs, even for the thrill of feeling diet Coke running through my veins.

on Jun 23, 2007 9:44:29 AM
Jan Said:

OH I forgot to ask, what did I win? And when do I get it? and are you going to deliver it personally, because I haven't seen you in soooo long, and I love you soooooo much!!!!

on Jun 23, 2007 9:47:05 AM

What can Dr. Croc do for saggy eye lids?

Okay, they're not exactly saggy, but I'm thinking they're headed that way and I want to be prepared ...

Glad it was such fun for you ;)

on Jun 24, 2007 11:24:01 AM

Hey, it was so great to read about your personal experience with this as I really really want to have this done and it's for vain reasons and painfulness! So, 20 injections = $180? I can't believe it was that cheap!!! That fires me up! I'm going to get it done for sure now! Thanks for the details!
Glad it went so well for you!

on Jun 24, 2007 11:29:43 AM
Tammy Said:

I know there are different procedures you can use to get rid of those ugly ol' varicose veins....why did you choose this one? What exactly is the "foam"? I've done one consult so far about my varicose veins and the cost to have the surigcal procedure done was astronomical :::thud:::

Tammy ~@~

on Jun 25, 2007 5:03:18 PM
Stacey Said:

That sounds so cool and easy! I would love to have my veins taken care of... they are so ugly! I'm with you on the stretch mark thing, too!

on Jun 25, 2007 5:40:35 PM
Kate Said:

So glad it was easy for you! My mom had hers done this past Friday. She has to have 4 or 5 procedures done since she has so many. I have no inherited this, yet, but am right there in line when and if I do. She had the hose on when she came over this past weekend. Did you sleep in yours? She said that was the only really uncomfy thing about the whole procedure.
Oh and yea, I am right there with you when it comes to getting those nasty stretch marks off. For some reason, as I am aging, they are bothering me more now... Grrr...

on Jun 27, 2007 8:06:50 PM
~C~ Said:

Please know what the risks are associated with any medical treatment. I had these injections done to my right leg. A year later I developed numbness every night when i go to bed and sometimes it continues on through the next day. This isn't for everyone. It wasn't for me.. :( ~C~

on Aug 13, 2007 8:25:28 PM