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The Un-Cupid
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That is me. The UN cupid...  Is there another word for the opposite of cupid?  I can't think of one, but it's after midnight and i've felt as if i were in slow motion for the last two hours. If there is such a word, my brain couldn't come up with it right now.

I write romantic Christian fiction. Funny love stories. Novels about LOVE. 

I'm a daydreamer. Lover of all things sappy and romantic. 

I just told a guy to dump his girlfriend. He wasn't even ASKING me about his girlfriend. He'd written to me about something else, but gave me enough particulars of their relationship to know - JUST KNOW - that it was doomed. Not worth saving. Irreconcilable. I stopped just short of saying that much. I think he's a great guy, based on this one email. Which means nothing. And I think his girlfriend is probably pretty great, too. But NOT A GOOD MATCH. NOT! 

That song kept running through my head as i typed "HEY HEY I DON"T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!"  Not that it fit, but it was catchy. Like I said, I think she's probably lovely. But not for him

If I were writing their story... they would have dated very briefly and then agreed that they just didn't fit well into each other's lives. AND THEN FOUND SOMEONE ELSE WHO DID. Because that's a happy ending, and I LIKE my happy endings.

Jeana has written a fascinating series. Start here to see how this ties in with the 'not a good match' lesson that is SO important, and then click your way all the way through to the happy ending. Or the happy 'present' I suppose. I did, and with tears in my eyes because i love a good love story.

I hope my e-mailer dumps his girlfriend and finds a good love story to star in. He's in someone else's plot right now and he really, really needs to exit stage left.

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Jeana Said:

Don't think of it as dumping, think of it as "releasing her to find her true match". Maybe that way she won't slash his tires.

(And thanks for the linky love!)

on May 16, 2007 8:21:49 AM

So I take it the novel's comin' along very well thank you, am I right? lol

on May 16, 2007 11:05:35 AM