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Stayin' Alive...
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No, I didn't battle my laundry mountain. In fact, it's still growing in the closet. But I DID do something quite dangerous.

I went swimsuit shopping. ( Do y'all hate that as much as i do? )

WITH Caden-3yr and Seth-1yr in a double stroller too big to fit between department store swimsuit racks.

We went to the Dillard's restroom first, where Seth-1yr threw his sippie cup  -- with perfect aim --  into the toilet.

Yes. OF COURSE i had to get it out. Ew.

Made it out of there with cute swim attire and one less sippie cup.

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I'm pregnant and this is the only time I don't dread a swimsuit, because maternity swimsuits are actually flattering to me.

Now next summer... that will be a whole different story (a sob one...)


on May 7, 2007 3:01:00 PM
Shalee Said:

Well, why didn't you just get one when you stole Mike's cc and visited VictoriasSecret.com? You could have killed a few more birds with that stone too.

I'm not getting a new one this year. I'm going with an old one, mainly because I AM going to lose about 5 lbs. and I want my new one to LOOK GOOD!

And I would also have been the owner of one less sippy cup.

on May 7, 2007 3:21:25 PM
Kilikina Said:

The sippee cup thing was gross, and funny at the same time. Yeah, I am sure I'd stand there and stare at it for a very long time before I decided to reach in and rescue it....

on May 7, 2007 3:29:53 PM
Diane Said:

Ugh! Bathing suit shopping! I used to wear bikinis - until last year. What a C-section and stretch marks will do!

on May 7, 2007 6:48:47 PM
Diane Said:

You are One! BRAVE! woman! Swim suit shopping with preschoolers! I think I'd rather scoop sippie cups out of toilets all day long instead of swim suit shopping....with any one!

Brave girl!


on May 8, 2007 9:00:56 AM
LeAnne Said:

We might have to have one of those sessions, what do they call it a meme (?) where we have a before and after of our mountain of laundry. I have quite a bit...... I gotta get to it and do a Barney Fife - nip it in the bud.

on May 8, 2007 9:44:17 AM

With 7 kids, you'd think I'd have experienced it all, but a sippee cup in the toilette is not one I've gone through! LOL Not that I haven't gone fishing in the toillette for things, though. We had a plumber who should have paid our kids a commission for awhile there.

on May 8, 2007 9:53:13 AM
Chris Said:

I hate swimsuit shopping with a passion! If I could lose the 50# I need to, I might not hate it as much!!

on May 8, 2007 3:26:24 PM

I need to shop for one, but I'd rather gnaw off my leg in a bear trap. I'm sick of shooting for "Hey, she did the best she could with what she had to work with." How low I have sunk when that is my goal. Shoot me now :-)

on May 8, 2007 9:50:15 PM
char Said:

I am pregnant so the bating suit is out of the question cute blog, Char

on May 8, 2007 11:08:10 PM
annalizaV Said:

yes, very cute blog!!
hahaha. that's funny. i think most of us can say, "yep sis, been there, done that!"

haha, blessings...

on May 9, 2007 12:09:38 AM
Stacey Said:

I love adventures with the double stroller... it's the only way to shop these days ;-)

Are you going to show us the pic of the new suit?

on May 9, 2007 5:23:42 PM