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Book Research Question
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Occasionally when writing, exceptionally random bits of information are needed. I end up calling people and asking weird questions. I call these "Book Research Questions." They can be anything. For my first book i remember calling a friend's (then) teenage daughter and asking her to explain to me what a bellybutton bar was. Enlightening. 

Book Research Question:

has anyone ever had a ring sooo stuck on a finger that it had to be cut off by medical personnel?  or, are you in the medical field and have a professional opinion or experience you could relate?

if so, please email me with all the details you can remember. click the 'email me' thing over there on the left.



THANK YOU!!! i have all the info i could possibly need on this, and i'm blown away by the response. i was afraid no one would answer, but wow! Several of you were kind enough to give detailed accounts of your own experiences, AND a real live RN wrote with a medical perspective. Each of you who wrote contributed unique details that will be so helpful when i re-write that scene! THANK YOU!

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Stacey Said:

I had a friend who had to use crisco to get a ring off once. It wasn't anything scary or crazy though. The ring just didn't want to come off. Sorry, nothing thrilling :-)

on May 28, 2007 10:39:59 AM
Elena Said:

I'm pretty sure this happened to my mom when she was preggers with my little sister. I don't think it was a huge deal... I think she just had the jeweler cut it off? But I'll ask.

on May 28, 2007 12:16:31 PM

Can I just tell you what a ditz I am today? I thought you meant the FINGER had to be cut off! I was thinking "What a silly thing to put into a book. There is just no way to make that believable." Then when you said you got so much feedback on it, I was thinking "These people are full of it! No way that many people have had their finger cut off!" I think it was the medical personel thing that got me confused. Or maybe the fact that I read blogs at night when I should be sound asleep. :) Anyway, it doesn't sound silly at all now!

on May 29, 2007 9:55:59 PM