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Okay, so I'll Tell You...
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I didn't want to say anything, because I was sure I'd quit right away and then end up feeling silly for saying something. But. I am new to the Exercise World. It's true.

I LOVE my gym.

The kids area is FANTASTIC, and so are the women who work there.

The lady at the front desk didn't even laugh too hard when I had to confess that I got my lock stuck on a locker yesterday. (Maintenance cut it off today. Oops.)

I often stink and I'm starting to like it.

I like to sweat, and when I get to that point in a cardio workout where i can SMELL how nasty I am - well, there's actually a thrill in that. It's the beautiful (not) scent of burning calories, melting fat, and building muscle.

When I drop off the kids at the Kids Area and walk away, it's a really big thrill. I'm off for an hour of sweating and watching Dr. Phil. A grown up show! WHOAH!

A really nice grandmotherly sort usually exercises in the same vicinity as I do. When I"m done I disinfect the machine I use, in case I sweated on it. She always smiles and nods as if we're the only two people who know how to do this little hygienic ritual. (And I think she's right about that) 

When I go get the kids, 2 of them throw their arms around me as if it's been ages since they saw me. The other one throws himself down in a dramatic, totally fake show of hysteria - even interrupting his play and fun in order to do this. Then he kisses me, and doesn't even mind that I smell.

I love that.

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Your Comments

Jeana Said:

Work it, girl!

on Mar 2, 2007 6:26:26 AM
Shalee Said:

You go, Kelsey! Bah... if only I had your stamina. Could you send a small sampling of your sweat to get my scent memories to start working on my workout memories to get my butt in gear? Or you could just move here and make me go with you - whatever's easiest.

Keep up the great work(out), HM. (Showoff...)

on Mar 2, 2007 10:53:39 AM
GiBee Said:

Good-NESS, girl! You're so slim and trim already ... are you working out to increase the the strength in your toes or something?

Well, in any case ... you, GO girl!

on Mar 2, 2007 12:29:28 PM

Nice to meet you. I am just mingling here at the Ultimate Blog Party. I just love your site. Great design. Love the colors. Have a great weekend party.

on Mar 2, 2007 3:09:07 PM

Work it til you burn it, c'mon...c'mon. Ooops, sorry. Had a late-80s flashback when aerobics was my thang.

Ain't sweat grand? Oh, and gracias for cleaning yours off the machines. I do that too, in a totally non-antiseptic way (I run my sweaty towel over my spin bike when I'm done, lol)

on Mar 2, 2007 3:42:09 PM
Kilikina Said:

I love the feeling of working out, but I haven't been doing it well lately. I'm pregnant and hadn't gotten into anything new so, I'm stuck being pregnant without excercise (except walking, oh and chasing my 18mo old around). No wonder I've only gained 5 pounds so far [I'm 20 weeks]. That's the way, keep them close they will keep the pounds off you, right?

on Mar 2, 2007 3:51:34 PM
Jungle Mom Said:

I have been reading here for awhile, you are making me want to go exercize!

on Mar 2, 2007 5:57:08 PM
Heather Said:

Way to go! You need a break!

I've gotten back into an exercise routine too. I'm panicked about the swimsuit season coming soon. We went to the indoor pool yesterday -- major motivator to get moving!

on Mar 2, 2007 9:23:24 PM

You actually made me miss going to the gym with that post! Good for you! Yay for doing something healthy!!!!

on Mar 4, 2007 7:40:56 AM
kris Said:

YES, there is nothing better than a great cardio workout!

on Mar 4, 2007 9:23:32 AM
Heth Said:

Good for you! Way to sweat girl! (I wish my gym had a kids' area but I belong to the ghetto gym.)

on Mar 4, 2007 2:53:42 PM
Theresa Said:

I'm with ya HM! I joined the gym a few months back just to keep the sanity of my well being in tact. My gym keeps them for up to 2 HOURS! Oh heaven...and they have a salon and spa there too! I get my hair done there now and workout. (This is a total plus with a hubby that travels!)

I sit in the sauna at the end of my workout everytime and just "chill" and sweat with no kiddos. And you're right, that is the best part when they come running with open arms as if you disappeared for a few days. SO worth the money! Keep it up, I believe it keeps us moms sane! :)

on Mar 5, 2007 8:17:21 AM
Stacey Said:

Good for you! That's so great, I wish I could join one but that's just not in the budget right now. Keep up the good work!!

on Mar 6, 2007 3:09:01 PM
trish Said:

Hilarious! I love the smell of burning calories too, but I never thought of it as liking the smell of my sweat. Now I feel like that lady on the old SNL episodes.
I enjoyed your blog!

on Mar 7, 2007 6:27:14 PM