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Name This Blogger
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Mike, the 3 boys, and I are going on a little spring trip. where exactly? ummm. don't know for sure. When? yeah, that's still up in the air, too.  We're leaving tomorrow, probably, but is anyone packed? ummm. no. I have created mounds and mounds and MOUNDS of unfolded, clean laundry, but that's as far as my pre-trip preparations have gone. I frequently say of Mike and I, "We're last minute sorts." And we are.

And that sounds ultimately better than 'we procrastinate.' 

So. I have to clean, pack, plan, organize um... everything, and i haven't 'pre-blogged' anything of course. But! I don't want it to be all quiet around here while I'm gone... so. Will you help?

When I started this blog my purpose was to build a 'name' that would be familiar to future readers of my many hilarious, as yet unpublished and sooooo inspiring novels.


But. I didn't really WANT to put my name on my blog. So I'm known simply as Kelsey. And HolyMama. But I've refrained from putting forth my entire name. 

And it turns out it just might be time. There might be a real need to have an author type name out there, as a book contract is being mailed to me even now!

In light of the whole privacy issue, I humbly ask you to name me.

Let's keep the 'Kelsey' part, but what about a last name? Not my maiden name. Not my real last name. But I hate to toss out the name I love - the name I got the day I married Mike.

This thought process led me to 'Kelsey Michaels' as an option, but I think there are already a lot of So and So Michaels, and even a Casey Michaels, which sounds almost identical. Mike says, 'keep the last name or use your middle name.' It doesn't sound terribly writerly though. (Kelsey Elaine.)

My mom suggested 'Kelsey Kilgore.' It's a family name, alliterative, and I like it. But it doesn't have the Mike Factor (as opposed to the Max Factor) that I was going for.   

Toss out those pseudonyms, y'all!  Name me!



Mike just said we can't leave until Saturday since there's just NO way we'll be ready. Yeah. We're last minute sorts.

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Your Comments

Karin Said:

How about:

Kelsey Miguel
Kelsey Michelle

which are other forms of the name Michael?

on Mar 8, 2007 11:22:17 PM
boomama Said:

Kelsey Kilgore is adorable.

Kelsey Maxwell (that has absolutely no significance except that I like it)

Kelsey Mitchell

Oh, I could do this all day long.

Kelsey Kincaid

I'll stop now.

Have a great trip!

AND - congratulations on the contract! That's HUGE!

on Mar 8, 2007 11:27:27 PM
Desert Diva Said:

Kelsey Kincaid

Kelsey Krandall

Kelsey Cransworth (kind of regal sounding huh)

oh, this is fun. I'm sure I'll come up with more. Have fun on your trip. I'm still doing laundry for ours as well.

on Mar 8, 2007 11:28:34 PM
Shabbymum Said:

I like Kelsey Kilgore...has a texas feel to it too without being twangy or dorky..

i also like Kelsey Kate.... or Kelsey Cate (it looks nice and hip and fresh..both visually and audibly..make any sense)

Kelsey Dane (just random)

Kelsey Cain
Kelsey Kain

ok it is late...i better stop..

on Mar 8, 2007 11:38:59 PM
HolyMama! Said:

ok, i KNOW i'm supposed to be doing laundry (and technically I am) but i had to see what y'all were saying. LOVE the suggestions. Keep em coming!

I wouldn't have thought of Miguel or Michelle , but i like them. and desert diva - those names are so great that if i don't use them, one of my future characters wilL!

on Mar 9, 2007 12:15:16 AM
oshee Said:

What about

Kelsey Factor

for the Mike Factor....

on Mar 9, 2007 3:25:40 AM
Jeana Said:

Hmmm...Kelsey Husband?

Kelsey Heart?

Kelsey Hunkaburninlove?

on Mar 9, 2007 6:42:40 AM
Geekwif Said:

You have a contract!?! Woo hoo! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to hear more about that book.

Okay, names...I like Jeana's best. Especially the last one. :-)

How about...
Kelsey Mike
Kelsey Michols
Kelsey Lane or Laine
Kelsey Cale
Kelsey McCale

on Mar 9, 2007 7:03:44 AM
Heather L. Said:

What is Mike's middle name? My Hubby's name is Michael William. How about:

Kelsey (your Mike's middle name)
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Christian
Kelsey Wellsley (Is that too Fancy Nancy? LOL!)

on Mar 9, 2007 7:44:24 AM
nicole Said:

I'm jumping on the Kelsey Kilgore bandwagon. It is memeorable. And you have an instant tie-in to the world famous Rangerettes. What more coud you want? ;-)

on Mar 9, 2007 8:47:00 AM
HolySister Said:

I love Kelsey Kilgore and Kelsey Hunkaburninlove. My office is full of fumes right now so the only other option that occurs to me is Kelsey Dillon but I'll work on a list for the weekend and get back to you.

on Mar 9, 2007 9:53:46 AM
Shalee Said:

I can't name you; I barely named my kids!

But remember this: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

Hey... Kelsey Stones has a nice ring to it...

on Mar 9, 2007 10:37:25 AM
Sarah Said:

Kelsey Cartier
Kelsey Carlisle
Kelsey Conundrum

just some randoms for ya

on Mar 9, 2007 12:34:47 PM
emily Said:

i'm loving Kelsey carlisle - also Kilgore is good.

I'm thinking of something like Kelsey Kippington or Tippington. Tifferly? Kifferly? i don't know.

this is tough, i'm glad you're getting lots of good ideas (from other people!) :)

on Mar 9, 2007 12:51:33 PM
Heather Said:

Congrats on a book contract! Awesome news!

I say -- go ahead and use your real last name.

When you start doing radio interviews and speaking, I think having a pen name would get old. But that's just me! :)

on Mar 9, 2007 2:05:17 PM
Angie Said:

how about

Kelsey Kensington

Kelsey Kingston

Kelsey Knight

on Mar 9, 2007 2:09:48 PM

Book contract! Yay you! I will be the first one in Dallas at the book signing. And oh, I get to host the book signing party too!

Name? Name? Um... How about

Kelsey Ineedshoessobuymybookplease

I'll keep thinking

on Mar 9, 2007 2:37:44 PM
Kristin Said:

I have to agree with Kelsey Mitchell because if you take all the letters of Mitchell (minus one "l") each of them appears in Michael's or one of your 4 kids' names. That has meaning for your family. :)


on Mar 9, 2007 3:25:03 PM
Deena Said:

Hmmm, well, it all depends on what kind of book we're talking about...

Contemporary? Kay (get it? "K" for Kelsie) Maxwell

Romance? Kelsey Kensington

Suspense? Kelsey Kilgore would work...or how about Kelsey (name of my hometown for a last name)? Like, Kelsey York for someone from New York

or how about first initial, middle initial, and then Maxwell, for that Max Factor vibe??

on Mar 9, 2007 3:30:53 PM
jessica Said:

Kelsey Kilgore. It's a name that would make me look twice. Congratulations! I've been a lurker for a while. Your blog is cute!

on Mar 9, 2007 6:06:36 PM
Stacey Said:

Congrats on the deal! I could only think of one so far...

Kelsey MacClaine (combines Michael and Elaine)

I'll be back if I think of any others :-)

on Mar 9, 2007 8:51:43 PM
amanda Said:

I REALLY like the suggestion of using Mike's middle name.

Of course . . . after this post you could use Mike's last name and no one would know that it was your real name.

Kelsey Kilgore sounds too perfect--like it was made up.

on Mar 9, 2007 8:53:57 PM
Cheryl Said:

Okay...this is random and I KNOW you won't want to use this, but how about Kelsey Kudos? I think is sounds...rather...uuhh...foreign? Mysterious maybe...nah...just stupid, but you know me...that was the first thing that popped in the noggin.

on Mar 9, 2007 10:29:55 PM
peach Said:

Congrats to you, Kelsey!! Can't wait to see it in print. I know I adore alliteration, so:

Kelsey Kilgore is my hands down favorite -- sounds hip, has a familial tie, and would look great on the bookshelf.

But if it isn't a winner for you here are some other ideas:

Kelsey Kittredge
Kelsey Karlyle
Kelsey Kingston (puts you right by Karen Kingsbury on the bookshelves, primo spot if you ask me) I think of these things when I have contemplated a pseudonym. Just a tip. Position yourself close to a popular author and they'll pick up your book, too. I know I've done it!

on Mar 10, 2007 10:19:43 AM
GP Said:

Over from the blog party ...
How bout Kelsey in the Kingdom

GP in Montana

on Mar 10, 2007 7:51:53 PM