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Time to Get Personal
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It's that time again, y'all! So soon...? Why, yes. It's the 17th, and that means Breast Self Exam Day!

Our monthly goal is 35, so check in at the comments and get credit for being the responsible, health conscious woman you are. (remind a woman you love, men.)

Obligatory Boob Humor:

Yesterday morning Caden-2yr was standing next to the tub while i bathed (because I didn't get out of bed early enough to avoid this arrangement), and he leaned over and said solemnly, "THAT is where the baby eats." I tried to send him on an errand in another room at that point, but he just averted his gaze a tad and said, "THAT is where the baby eats, too!" 

Yep. We started the day off with an anatomy lesson - now go do your own!

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Your Comments

HolyMama! Said:


on Sep 16, 2006 11:49:23 PM
Suzy Said:

Done :-)

on Sep 17, 2006 7:18:56 AM
jeana Said:


on Sep 17, 2006 8:03:51 AM
Theresa Said:

Done! :)

on Sep 17, 2006 9:37:35 AM
Blaine Said:

Done again. 8^)

on Sep 17, 2006 6:38:30 PM
Stacey Said:

I'm done.

Waiting to see if Shalee's Mr. Right did hers again : )

on Sep 17, 2006 8:29:07 PM


This is a great idea, by the way!

on Sep 17, 2006 9:24:14 PM

All clear!

on Sep 17, 2006 10:40:39 PM
bluepaintred Said:

allllll done an as an added bonus I had a pap two weeks ago!

on Sep 17, 2006 11:55:05 PM
Stephanie Said:


on Sep 18, 2006 6:38:55 AM
emily Said:

i did it!!

on Sep 18, 2006 11:12:53 AM
Elena Said:


on Sep 18, 2006 11:23:57 AM
Shalee Said:

Stacey, Mr. Right says check! (I love my man!)

on Sep 18, 2006 2:15:45 PM
Heth Said:

Did it.

on Sep 18, 2006 10:09:02 PM
mamakraft Said:

done ...

on Sep 19, 2006 12:01:39 AM
Jodi Said:


what a great and wonderful idea!

on Sep 19, 2006 5:25:39 AM
Joanne Said:

Ugh! Ok, done. You just reminded me I also have to make a mammogram appointment.

on Sep 19, 2006 7:07:06 PM

done!! Sorry, I'm 4 days late!! I forgot, but now I'm done!!!

on Sep 21, 2006 2:01:28 PM
kate Said:

alright alright - i'll do it today. :)

on Sep 22, 2006 1:03:58 PM
Sylvie Said:


on Sep 22, 2006 2:15:33 PM
Blaine Said:

I know you didn't quite reach your goal on this this past month, but make sure to keep up the campaign this month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am honoring a dear friend that is fighting this awful disease on my blog. I will definitely be making a post and linking to you on your SBE day.

Keep fighting the good fight!!

on Oct 2, 2006 12:09:30 AM