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Y'all Are Nice
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How is it that not ONE of you said, "Your mothering STINKS, and buh-bye...?!"  How great are y'all?! Thank you. I didn't know what sort of response that last post would generate, but I did not expect abundant kindness and support, and prayers, and emails of niceness. Wow. Thank you. I started to email you all individually, and I kind of got overwhelmed and stopped. But, wow. Y'all are the best.

And since y'all didn't tell me my mothering stinks, I"m going to share with you what happened at the mall this morning. I did NOT go there to shop, I'll have you know. (Yes, I longingly looked at Dillard's from the play place where I sat with my kids, but I DID NOT go in. It's just cruel to walk through there with three kids waiting to destroy any shopping bliss you might otherwise have, so we stayed away.)

We went to visit the play place - air conditioned and devoid of mosquitoes, which are two things my back yard is not - and to get me an amazing tuna sandwich from my favorite place. Incidentally, the same place where this conversation occurred.

So the boys are through playing, I have my amazing tuna sandwich in a bag to take home, and we're on our way out. A very young looking, way polished metrosexual sort of guy stops me and then I notice the camera. As in, television camera. No, it's not pointed at me, but I can tell that's where he's going. Unless he wants to talk to me about how I should really get manicures, but no, i'm right, and he starts in on me about Sesame Street. And not too smoothly either, I might add. He looks at my double stroller, and Ethan-6yr walking alongside, and starts the conversation by saying, "Um, excuse me ma'am. You sure have a lot of kids."

I just look blankly at him, and decide not to tell him that I have a fourth who could shred him to tiny pieces using only her adolescent angst and willpower, but I don't.

He goes on about how the government is cutting spending for PBS and how it might affect Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. He then asks if I'd talk to him about my opinions on that on camera. I can tell he's sympathetic to the PBS cause, and going for that angle. I'm not actually, sympathetic to the cause. (Sorry Holysister - please direct your tirade to me via email, rather than a phone call. Please.)

At one point was there a huge need for government funded children's educational programming? Sure. Is there now? Don't think so. Spend the money somewhere else, and be glad that so many others followed PBS' lead and came up with equally great shows that don't cost taxpayers.

But am I willing to say THAT on the local news? Sure! Just give me a little notice, Mr. Mall Metrosexual, and I'll fix my hair next time, 'kay? Cause no way am I appearing on tv next to your polished look, with baby spit up on my left shoulder and no lipstick. Call me shallow, but that's just not happening. And really, you need to work on that "you sure have a lot of kids line." Duh. 

PS. They all watch Noggin.

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Your Comments

angi Said:

My kids have never liked the PS programming. I have tried my best to get them to enjoy Sesame Street, but it was just intolerable to them. I second the Noggin, my kids LOVE it!

You knwo they always pick the frazzled looking people to make themselves look good. ;)

on Jun 9, 2006 3:23:37 PM
Faith Said:

I have never been into the PBS programming either. I'm sure you looked great though. You may have just missed your 15 minutes of fame! I don't blame you though!

on Jun 9, 2006 3:53:05 PM
Mom Nancy Said:

Yay for you, Holy Mama! We watch Noggin, too. I think there used to be a need for a station that offered programming like PBS, before Cable exploded. Look around. There's nothing on PBS that can't be found elsewhere. Cooking? Food network? Kids? Noggin, Nick, Disney Educational? Travel Channel, A&E, Discover (and it's 1000's of incarnations). Nope. I say stop funding PBS altogether and if there is a need for it, advertisers will find it. Oh, and move Thomas the Tank Engine to Noggin and replace that scary Deko Boko Friends thing!!!!

on Jun 9, 2006 4:23:13 PM
Heather Said:

I hated Sesame Street as a kid, but I liked Mr. Rogers. I really hate Sesame Street now because they sneakily push things I don't believe down kids throats. I don't have kids, but when I do, they will NOT watch Sesame Street. And I totally agree that Mr. Metrosexual was definitely not Mr. Tact!

on Jun 9, 2006 4:24:47 PM
sarahgrace Said:

Letting my son watch PBS is what resulted in him walking around saying "Stupid, stupid!" to his little brother....
...I like Noggin too- mostly that it has no commercials that prompt my kids to ask me for every little thing they see.

on Jun 9, 2006 4:50:38 PM

we don't watch tv, so it won't affect us any. and I wouldn't have been interviewed either, and would have been totally offended by his opening line. Wait...I'm working on not be offended. I don't know. But it didn't sound very nice of him. I did enjoy pbs when I was little. I'm 27!

on Jun 9, 2006 5:47:55 PM
Patrick B Said:

I was a PBS baby. However most of the kids stuff they have now is a bit nauseating. My life will go on quite well without BooBah, Teletubbies and Barney. Don't get Nogging but Nickelodeon and TLC do quite nicely. Now I do not have kids, I watch the stuff myself.

The only sad part for me about PBS going bye bye would be the loss of "Jakers: The Adventures of Piggley Winks" which is on my VCR to be recorded daily. I guess I better start archiving them.

As for Mr, Metro, surely he jests. 3 kids is not a lot. Half the families in my church have 6 or more. We have 3 families in the double digits. I was the baby of 5. Best way to shut down that type is ask them to hold the baby for you. Then you are one spit up from freedom.

on Jun 9, 2006 7:04:38 PM
Carol Said:

Well, your mothering must stink if you won't go on TV looking like the rest of us unkept slobs.

Manicure? Definition, please. Lipstick? Is that what my son used last week to write, "You're ugly" on his teenage sister's bathroom mirror? Mall? Isn't that like, what bears do to camping tents and watermelons?

Maybe I just watched too much PBS as a kid?

on Jun 9, 2006 7:05:15 PM
cheeriobutt Said:

Ha! What a dork! Did he really think that by telling you that you had a lot of kids that you would actually WANT to talk to him? That's like my vaccum salesman telling me my house was smelly and dirty trying to sell his wonder vaccum that would do all cleaning if I paid a million dollars! Sorry buddy....I like my house smelly! And see those cheerios on my butt? I like it that way!

on Jun 9, 2006 7:12:42 PM
Carrie Said:

You can't go near a toy section without seeing Elmo everywhere so I have never understood why PBS is always asking for money. They show too many liberal documentary type shows for my taste so I never feel the urge to send them a couple of bucks. Sorry.

on Jun 9, 2006 7:51:57 PM
Suzanne Said:

Noggin rocks! 'Nuff said.

Sesame Street makes me nervous. That compulsive eater Cookie Monster, possibly 1st gay couple Ernie and Bert, and then don't get me started on the speech impediments that they made cute...

You're a good mom. It shows. Lipstick or not.


on Jun 9, 2006 8:15:48 PM
Lauren Said:

Oh, you probably looked beautiful. Totaly agree witj you on PBS.

on Jun 9, 2006 9:26:04 PM
oshee Said:

As a family without cable or satellite TV, I really appreciate what PBS does provide. Does that mean I would go on camera to talk about it? Probably not. I am not up to date on the financial needs of such things. So why would I comment on something I am not currently informed on?

I love the "you've got a lot of kids" line. He was probably asking you because of how good you would look on camera not how bad you would look. Somebody that polished would only want to be seen on camera with someone else who looks good.

on Jun 9, 2006 11:12:50 PM
Mary Said:

Yeah, with all the crap they sell, why does PBS not have any money?

My kids will not watch Sesame Street.

Dragon Tales is just about the only PBS kids show they watch.

I love Berenstain Bears myself.

Anyway...I just read your last post too.

My prayers are with you.

It is hard to live up to people's expectations.
DO what is right for you and your child.


on Jun 10, 2006 12:42:08 AM
chelle Said:

There is a point in every bloggers life where one must disagree with the HolyMama.

I still believe there is a place for PBS. Not all families can afford Digital Cable and all the extra tiers. Those families appercaite that there is a channel their children can watch and learn with. Here in California a program that helps families deal with their children, stress and that jazz comes on after PBS Kids. There are parents that need that extra support.

As fr the other programs. I would miss the dude that paints or the dude that draws. PBS is quite often locally based and one can learn a lot of history and culture. Where would we get British humour from?

So although families that are established and can afford cable are not in great need of PBS, there are many families out there that are in need of such programing. These families are in our community and go to school with our kids. Such support a lot or a little could help change things for the better.

If it is government funding that is being cut, are there other areas that could be cut instead?!?!?

Just my thoughts :)

ps I would not have talked on video either with out prep time!

on Jun 10, 2006 12:43:37 AM
HolyMama! Said:

well said, Chelle!

i totally forgot about the dude that paints. he's always been a favorite of mine.

on Jun 10, 2006 12:46:59 AM
Jan Said:

I have mixed feelings. I think PBS serves a purpose for families who don't have access to cable/satellite service. But I don't really understand why PBS is still so dependent on public funding. It seems like after every show there is one of those placards saying this show was brought to you by _______ (some kind of grant or institute or whatever).
As for the "lots of kids" remark--I'm guessing this guy was
A. way single
B. way kidless
C. way untactful
d. All of the above
Just guessing, of course.

on Jun 10, 2006 7:08:52 AM
Paula Said:

Wow, you are a wise woman. I probably would've run my mouth and regretted it later. Thanks for making me smile with this post!

on Jun 10, 2006 7:30:04 AM
Geekwif Said:

"Um, excuse me ma'am. You sure have a lot of kids." ??? I sure hope this guy isn't planning on going into serious politics! Yeesh.

I can see him on the campaign trail, running for office, looking all suave in front of the camera saying, "...and I promise to increase spending for education because I've noticed all your kids are really stupid. Oh, and I'll give funding to the arts too because dang, you people don't know a Monet from a Manet!"

Some people.

on Jun 10, 2006 8:18:28 AM
Geekwif Said:

Okay, so looking back, it looks like I'm saying you're kids are stupid and you don't know art.

NOT my intention.

It's obvious your kids are smart, especially that 6 year old little philosopher of yours. And I really don't care about your knowledge of art - I wouldn't know a Monet from a Manet myself. I'm just saying the guy is not smooth. Sorry.

on Jun 10, 2006 8:25:48 AM
millicent Said:

We watch noggin (too much!) but we used to love PBS...Wyatt loved sesame street and clifford, but once natalie was old enough to watch them he wouldn't.
Now DH loves some of the documentaries that come on there! LOL...boring!

on Jun 10, 2006 9:18:33 AM
Kristina Said:

well we don't watch much tv, although my baby is 9 months old. He watches zero tv for now. Anyway the only thing is, we don't have cable so if he were old enough, yeah he'd probably be watching sesame street. although i haven't seen it in many, many years. so i don't know what it's like now.
(please excuse my all lowercase letters, i'm being lazy lately)

on Jun 10, 2006 12:09:53 PM

We don't get any outside tv anymore. So I don't have PBS. I loved the Britcoms. And I loved finding musical treasures like Barrage, Blast, and Andre Rieu (actually my dad found that one on PBS and told me about him). BUT then there's the whole anti-Christian, pro-evolution, agenda side of PBS. And it seems to me that if the public wants PBS, they will either pony up enough support to pay for it, or it can become a "normal" channel.

Now here is my moral dilemma. Andre Rieu is coming here. We REALLY want to take the boys to see him. But the only way to get tickets is to be a PBS pledger. Sigh. I know the answer...but it makes me sad. I can't give PBS my money. I just can't. :-(

on Jun 10, 2006 4:44:55 PM
Stacey Said:

Glad to hear you were encouraged by the comments people left. I was really hoping nobody would really butt in and say something rude. I know just how hurtful that can be when you're already going through so much!!

Still praying for you and Kim!!

on Jun 10, 2006 6:19:59 PM
Wystful1 Said:

I'm bouncing around the Blogging Chicks Carnival to day...enjoying what there is in the offerings of all the diverse and interesting choices!!!

on Jun 11, 2006 10:08:41 AM