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I am From...
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I am from Volvos, piano and ballet lessons, and perfect pie crusts made with the recipe on the Crisco can.

I am from the stone house near the lake, where the sailboats circle up in regattas.

I’m from the thorny pyracantha, pink crepe myrtles, and neat rows of hyacinths. I’m from the dogwood tree that bloomed more than any other in the neighborhood.

I am from an amazing group of women who are independent, smart, witty, and make me proud to be among them. I am the youngest granddaughter of Nancy, and the youngest chess partner Travis ever had.

I am from the family where humor, originality, and good manners are valued.

From where ‘tacky’ is a weighty word indeed, and all the women know just when to use it, and in exactly what tone of voice.

I am from church camp in the summer, and trips to the bluebonnets of Hill Country.

I am from Ft. Worth, from hamburgers on the grill, and pies for birthdays instead of cakes.

From the family where the mom managed to do it all, with the sister whose personality is larger than life, and the father could make a joke of anything.

I am from As The World Turns, from lazy Saturdays of CMT, and from a lifetime of singing duets with my sister.

I am from the house near the lake, from a family of strong, beautiful women. I am from a place of beauty, of love, and of blessing.

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Your Comments

Brenda Said:

Beautiful! Love it!

on Apr 27, 2006 12:34:09 AM
Blaine Said:

I think I love where you're from!

on Apr 27, 2006 1:28:31 AM
Diane Said:

Thanks for letting me go "Home" with you, Kelsey. I really enjoyed the visit, and I hope you invite me back again sometime. :)

on Apr 27, 2006 5:43:15 AM
Susan Said:

I loved this post Kelsey! :)

on Apr 27, 2006 6:10:48 AM
Carol Said:

Pyracantha, sailboats, church camp...You're from a really pretty place. Not tacky at all.

on Apr 27, 2006 6:41:37 AM
boomama Said:

I love it!

I too am from the land where the word "tacky" packs a powerful punch. :-)

And what has happened to our beloved CMT? Now it's just a bunch of "original programming" that's none too original. I miss it.

on Apr 27, 2006 8:13:37 AM
Nancy Said:

That was a great post -- evokes such strong images of "home." Thanks for sharing!

on Apr 27, 2006 8:29:34 AM
angie Said:

yo! thanks for the encouragement yesterday...you made my day. because of it i'm actually on my way out the door with my 2 kids in tow to go to a playgroup & museum to meet up with a few other moms. normally i would blow it off last minute. so thanks.

hey, i would so buy a book written by you. you have a poets soul, my friend. keep writing. some intelligent publishing company will scoop you up in no x.

on Apr 27, 2006 8:33:03 AM
Jamie Said:

I love reading these. So many of us are so similar, or in our case, so different and yet every one is awesome.

on Apr 27, 2006 9:03:06 AM
Diane Said:

I love your creativity and your ability to brings us along for the memories! Beautiful!


on Apr 27, 2006 9:12:40 AM
Kim in ON Said:

Is there a kind of format whereby you wrote this? Did you have certain questions in mind before you decided what to put down? It's really lovely.

on Apr 27, 2006 9:13:10 AM
Cheeriobutt Said:

Oh Goody! You finally did one too! I love it! Makes me wish that much more I knew what it was like to have a sister. And you grew up by a lake???!!!! Dude, no wonder you're cool!

on Apr 27, 2006 9:24:12 AM
Owlhaven Said:

'From where ‘tacky’ is a weighty word indeed, and all the women know just when to use it, and in exactly what tone of voice.'

Love this-- I can just picture it! I'm so glad you decided to play!!

Mary, mom to many

on Apr 27, 2006 9:34:11 AM
Kate Said:

I felt like I was right there. Loved it. (And pies for birthday's instead of cake - YUMMMMM!)

on Apr 27, 2006 10:14:45 AM
Shalee Said:

Beautiful. It sounds as if you are from the land of enchantment.

And the "tacky" comment: You are so from the South. I grew up with that too. (Think Steele Magnolias).

on Apr 27, 2006 11:11:56 AM
oshee Said:

Beautiful! It is like looking through a peephole into your childhood.

on Apr 27, 2006 11:50:51 AM
Nicki Said:

Wonderful! Wasn't that fun?!

on Apr 27, 2006 1:23:09 PM
Heth Said:

I love it Kelsey. You painted some really vivid pictures. Mmmmm, pie.

on Apr 27, 2006 2:55:25 PM
Sue Said:

I'm here from Owlhaven. Loved reading yours! I think my Mom watched every episode of ATWT from back when it was on in black and white! Mine is posted, stop by anytime :)

on Apr 27, 2006 3:31:59 PM
BayouMaMa2 Said:

This was beautifully written! I was totally thinking "Steel Magnolias" when I was reading this. What a heritage!

on Apr 27, 2006 6:56:47 PM
Faith Said:

Sounds like a great place to be from!
My mom watched ATWT every day, so growing up and into the first years of marriage, so did I!

Great post!

on Apr 27, 2006 8:25:11 PM
Karin Said:

Neat post :)

on Apr 27, 2006 9:15:56 PM