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When Customer Service is TOO Good
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A couple times a week the boys and I pick up McDonald's. (I know. I know. I've read it other places. Some of you actually MAKE your own healthy version of chicken nuggets. Hallelujah for you, but don't go there with me if you haven't read the Kitchen-y post. Or even if you have.)

A couple times A WEEK? You ask. That'a a LOT! Ok, you're right. It's more like three times a week, and it's not like anyone actually eats that much chicken anyway. I eat two of Caden-2yr's nuggets, Ethan-5yr eats the apples, and they both eat the sweet n sour sauce in creative and disgusting ways as soon as i'm off to load the washer. (Today one used a spoon, and one sucked it up through a straw. Naaaaassty.) So two happy meals split 3 ways with lots uneaten a few times a week. Whatever.

But please, please, oh McDonald's lady, pretend you don't know me. Really. I haaaate it when I pull up and you smile and say, "Hi! You want two four piece happy meals, one with apples, one with fries and both with Sprite?!" Yes, Employee of the Month, that is correct, and "Hi" to you too, since I haven't even SAID anything yet, but please don't DO that. You're the best at your job you can possibly be. Obviously. But please just pretend you have no idea how many chicken mcnuggets I buy. Please pretend not to remember my children's happy meal preferences. It just makes me question, like, everything, and I so don't need that. You're too skilled for this job, find another one. Maybe NASA. And if you don't, I'm finding another McDonalds where the employees aren't nearly so competent, or at least where you don't order face to face at a window. Gah.

In other news, the Mr. Clean magic sponge thing took Ethan's name off his bathroom surfaces quite nicely. Thank you for that suggestion. I got so excited by its proficiency that I scrubbed lots of things today and it even got stains off my kitchen floor grout that have been there forever. Yea Mr. Clean.

You might be interested in another example of excellent Big Brothering. Yesterday we were awed at the sweet offer Caden-2yr made to breastfeed Seth-4mth. Today I bring you Ethan-5yr's offer to diaper Caden-2yr. It's something he likes to do, especially the 'poo' diapers. Why? Because, as he explains it, "Poo diapers are challenges. And kids need to be challenged, Mom." Right. That can sooo be arranged.

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Faith Said:

McDonald's ? For Shame -you terrible mother you.I can't tell you how many times my older kids ate Froot Loops for dinner. I KNOW -- I have mothers' guilt.You will be happy to know they are happy, healthy adults despite my hideous mistakes.

on Mar 7, 2006 1:44:46 PM
Carol Said:

At least it's chicken nuggets and not like, Jack Daniels or something.

Poopy diapers can indeed be a challenge. Good for li'l Mr. I Need a Challenge!

on Mar 7, 2006 2:07:35 PM
chelle Said:

You know I do not think there is a mother out there that doesn't have some thing....mine at the moment is tv...so I never judge!!
Cool Beans about the diaper changes!

on Mar 7, 2006 2:38:18 PM
Heth Said:

No judging from me. We eat pop tarts for dinner on occasion.

Ethan will make such a good daddy someday.

on Mar 7, 2006 3:12:37 PM
Heather Said:

Hey, I have no childhood scars despite hundreds of chicken nuggets eaten, so I think you're fine. For those who don't think it's fine, tell them to parent their own kids!!!
Anyway, maybe the 5 year old will take on the challenge of potty training 2 year old for you! Wouldn't that be nice!!

on Mar 7, 2006 3:18:39 PM
flipflop Said:

Who cares, as long as they are eating something. I know my kids go through these phases and I wonder if they will ever eat.

Happy changing dude!

on Mar 7, 2006 3:35:34 PM
Rachelle Said:

Can your son come to my house and change my son's diapers? I'll let him have that challenge.

on Mar 7, 2006 3:36:21 PM
Karin Said:

OH MY GOSH! I am absolutely going to show my boys the pictures of YOUR boys in the midst of diaper changing. THAT should give them some food for thought. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting those! And kudos to the boys, too!

on Mar 7, 2006 4:42:45 PM
Addie Said:

Oh she doesn't! Try acting like a celebrity and wear a hat and sunglasses next time you go through the line.

Chicken is healthy and apples are healthy and I'm sure sweet and sour sauce has some sort of nutrional value to it. I oughta know, I only feed my kids the best too!

on Mar 7, 2006 5:57:03 PM
Joy Said:

Aww...isn't he such a sweet little thing?

Oh, and don't worry about the McDonalds bit. Why do you think they grew into a multi-billion dollar empire? Because of loyal consumers!!! Besides I think it's some sort of guilty pleasure that many indulge in but never truly admit how much!

on Mar 7, 2006 6:42:48 PM

You know why they call it the Happy Meal, right? Because Mom's always happier when she doesn't have to cook. My daughter used to think Ronald McDonald's name was French Fry. She was 18 months old.
Tracey B

on Mar 7, 2006 6:45:58 PM
Mega Mom Said:

I'm behind on my training! I haven't taught the older guys diaper changing yet. Fantastic!

on Mar 7, 2006 6:55:28 PM
Angi Said:

That's ok, today I treated my oldest to lunch, he chose McDonald's over Olive Garden. lol.

on Mar 7, 2006 7:20:39 PM
Diane Said:


Take those offers of help any way you can get them!

Too soon girls, cars and lots worse things may take all their time and attention. Praise him to the high heavens, and be thankful for his efforts.

He is too sweet, :)

on Mar 7, 2006 7:21:38 PM
Stacey Said:

Who cares if you take your kids to McD's a couple times a week. Is it any worse than the PB&J sandwiches or corndogs at home?? I don't think there is anything wrong with it!

I like the idea about dressing up like a celeb and seeing what she says. At least she's trying. I hate when you go somewhere and they don't even act like they like their jobs!

Good job on the diaper thing. I only wish my son would change his brothers diapers!! I can't blame him though... sometimes I don't even want to :)

on Mar 7, 2006 8:54:45 PM
knq Said:

Okay - I'm an idiot and commented in the wrong spot :)

on Mar 7, 2006 8:58:24 PM
Lauren Said:

Ethan-5yr?? I'm starting to think he should be named EthanRocks-25yr!

on Mar 7, 2006 10:55:02 PM
Theresa Said:

LOL! LOL! LOL! Holy Mama - you are amazing! I think this one is right up there with the 'Church and T-Rex one'. Your blog is the only one that makes me laugh out loud!! Literally to all pieces. I really enjoy reading your blog and I send everyone here (I hope you don't mind.)

Kudos to Ethan. Victoria wants to change Claire's but I haven't been that brave yet!

on Mar 7, 2006 11:15:40 PM
Liz Said:

Ahh, he will be a great daddy one day. But right now can he come to my house and change my daughter's diaper? I will buy him happy meals everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

on Mar 8, 2006 12:24:41 AM
Sheena Said:

What magic potion did you sprinkle on your son to make him want to change a poopy diaper? My kids disappear! Oh I get it his Dad probably changes them all the time and he thinks it's a manly thing right? Okay, what magic potion did you sprinkle on your husband to get him to change poopy diapers AND think it's manly, not just doing mom a favor! How come men think it's our job to deal with all of the horrible stuff around the house? By the way my Mom goes on and on about feeding my kids healthy and she is supposedly a health fanatic, Ha! Don't let those people fool you! When noone's looking they're stuffin' down the chocolate or whatever else they can sneak in. Silly!

on Mar 8, 2006 8:20:28 AM
Heather Said:

Awwww...this was too sweet. One day they're going to be cool teenagers and beg you not to show these pictures to anybody. Adorable!

on Mar 8, 2006 12:10:59 PM
Corina Bowen Said:

I love the idea of going thru with celeb look!! You should!! Take pic of what you look like all celeb'd out!! and rattle that little miss know it all!! Tell her you want the gourmet happy meal with 4 bitesize pieces of chicken, fresh fruit preferably apples sliced, and potatoes fried in strips along with appetizer of sweet and sour..hehe
OH~~ can you send your 5 yr old over the next time I get the girls? geesh, I thought of you and your power poo stories quite a few times this past weekend. Funny...my boys ran and dove for cover when I had to change that mess! After seeing that myself, it took everything I had not to follow suit! Such a brave lad your boy is!

on Mar 8, 2006 12:33:18 PM