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Boys Should Never Complain About Great Eyelashes. NEVER.
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My boys have beautiful eyelashes. Why is that? I mean, I have to glob on the Maybelline Volum Express so that mine even show up. And I do glob it on, because I am a Texas girl, and we tend to do that. The places I will go without mascara....oh, right. Nowhere. The people I will see or acivities I will engage in without mascara...? Oh, uh huh. None of those either. Mascara ranks right up there with a shower first thing in the morning, in my book.

(I've tried all the brands, and barring a discontinued Max Factor one that I LOVED, I think this mascara is just as good as the expensive ones. Unless you have a suggestion, and then, I would listen. But it has to be waterproof, since my eyes water and I am hormonal and tend to cry without enough notice to say, "Wait! Let me change my mascara first!")

But back to my original complaint. Why do my boys have beautiful eyelashes? They do not appreciate them in the slightest, and in fact, are irritated by them. This is Ethan-5yr, who has long beautiful dark lashes that actually get tangled. Tangled, y'all! And who do you think he complains to? Yeah. If my lashes were ever to get tangled, I would not complain. No not me - I would hallelujah loudly and praise God with waving hands for the blessing, yes I would.


*If you click on the pics, I think they'll get bigger. Not sure if the quality is high enough to show lashes, though. But the zebra does have some gunk in his teeth. Just sayin.

Caden-1yr is a blue eyed little boy with gorgeous lashes, too. But his problem is sometimes they get wet. Like, with tears. And then he gets upset, because, waaah they're all heavy. I'm sooo sympathetic when he comes to me to dry his eyelashes because he can't stand all the water weight.  Gaah. I am a girl, and I should be SO lucky as to have their issues.Summer05_262

And the newest boy? Or, the Littlest Boy, as Ethan-5yr calls him? He had no lashes when he was born 3 months ago. All the others did, so this was a surprise. But now, he has long luxurious eyelashes that are beautiful. And unique. His eyelashes curl and extend out from his eyes at 45 degree angles. Like Tweety Bird's. Or Jessica Rabbit's. Or any animated creature with great lashes.  Hollywood makeup artists can't make lashes do this without curling thingy-s and lots 'o product, but Seth-3mth suddenly sprouted these gorgeous, angled lashes all on his own. (Fortunately, he's too young to complain about them yet, unlike the others.)

January06_003_3  And there's a reason all these little, unappreciative kids have  great eyelashes. We've already determined it isn't me, of course.

That reason would have to be this guy. Who is smart enough not to ever complain about those gorgeous lashes.


Anyway, aren't y'all glad I cover the important things in life? :)

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Your Comments

HolyMama! Said:

Huh. I forgot to add a title.

on Jan 20, 2006 2:42:08 PM
Mary Said:

Dying of suspense here-- WHICH mascara is best??

on Jan 20, 2006 4:45:44 PM
HolyMama! Said:

I loooooved this Max Factor one that didn't have your typical wand thing. It had a flat plastic comb thing that looked like an eyebrow comb. It worked so amazingly well, but they quit making it a few years back. Now I do the Maybelline Volum Express thing (blue tube). It's not as good as the discontinued one, but still better than some of the department store waterproof ones i've tried! But if anyone knows of one they feel strongly about, I'm all ears!

on Jan 20, 2006 8:30:23 PM
HolyMama! Said:

hey, you can a title later. I had no idea you could edit a post. i thought once it was out there in Internet Land, you were screwed forever if you accidentally said something you wish you could take back, or change, etc. Nope. There's this little thing you click on and you can fix things. Who knew?

on Jan 20, 2006 10:00:27 PM
mandy Said:

I have the same problem and share your solution! I have found this is the best mascara I have used and I love it. I like the results of the regular better than waterproof, but have to wear the waterproof too. (for the same reasons) My husband has gorgeous, long lashes..I don't know why such things are wasted on men. (don't ask why I am posting at this hour :)...thank you maddy)

on Jan 21, 2006 2:35:43 AM
Anne Glamore Said:

My boys have long lashes, too, and they're impeding my oldest boy's ability to put in his contacts. Imagine!

on Jan 21, 2006 9:07:33 AM
Jeana Said:

Hi, Kelsey, I followed your comment from my site and I like your blog! I was very surprised to find my blog on your links. Thanks! I can tell we have the same sense of humor, so I take that as a compliment. And about homeschool moms...I'm just glad we haven't scared you off yet. Good to make a new friend!

on Jan 21, 2006 5:57:05 PM
Busy Mom Said:

Yep. the boys here have the best eyelashes of all.

I have a friend who wears mascara all the time. She says she looks like her brother if she doesn't have it on. Know what? She kind of does.

on Jan 22, 2006 6:00:27 PM
noelle Said:

One of my dd's has great eyelashes. She's my total tomboy though...hates the idea of chapstick let alone any make up that will acentuate her gorgeous eyes. Yes, I'm a little biased!

on Feb 21, 2006 7:36:49 PM