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Launch Day
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Who am I?

I am a Christian

A wife

A mother of 4

An aspiring Christian fiction writer, and brand new blogger

Chocolate lover (and I’m not a snob about it either. Plain M&Ms are totally better than Godiva in my opinion, because they come in a 3 pound bag just two aisles away from the diapers)

An awful cook

A hopeless driver (actually a great driver, but am hopeless at finding my way around)

Passionate plant/flower lover

eBay addict (buying only)

Fantastically quick diaper changer (trust me, that totally matters)

Great at finding the humor in this wonderful life I've been blessed with

My husband Mike is amazing. He’s the fearless entrepreneur sort whose early forays into the business world had me questioning why God put us together – and how in the world we’d eat. Fortunately, we ate enough to live long enough for him to learn to hone that God-given tendency. Now he owns a highly successful financial advising company, and I get to stay at home with our kids. Mike is the sort who either totally forgets it’s your birthday, or surprises you completely with the world’s most perfect gift. And doesn’t that sound great? Except you NEVER know which it’s going to be. Is it the time he’s going to whisk me away somewhere, like in the last episode of a stupid reality show and this is the finale of romantic dates? Um, no, this time he forgets!

He’s the hands-on daddy sort who loves taking the kids on trips, planning family outings, and will occasionally clean the whole house while I sleep in – at his request. Seriously? God is good. And so is Mike. No wonder I was so inspired to start writing romantic fiction. That guy that is so great in all those books is Mike on a good day. (Mike on a bad day isn’t so bad either. He might snap at one of the kids, leave the kitchen a mess, or play XBOX for way too long in the basement. And really? Who cares? Me on a bad day is enough to scare 4 kids and the cat into hiding!)

My kids. Ahhh, my kids. They’re a great group, generally. But since they’re kids and this is so public, I don’t mind saying I’ll be fairly general about the specifics of their lives. Mind you, not one of them would mind me publishing the details of their lives. But I mind. (And why is it they wouldn’t mind? I have no idea. I mean, as a kid I just would have DIED if I’d known my mother were doing such a thing)

First, there’s Kim. She’s 11 and has been easier to live with lately and we are all praising Jesus for that. She’s a passionate reader and lover of all things horse-ish. She's interested in anything she thinks might be fun.

Ethan is 5. He’s crazy. Ridiculously smart, frighteningly outspoken and precocious, and is 100% sure that he knows everything in the world there is to know already. He loves watching Animal Planet, telling me what I’m doing wrong, and reminding me of all the things that I do not yet know. He talks almost a much as Kim, which is a WHOLE LOT.

Caden is almost 2. He has an amazing talent for looking at someone and instantly mimicking their mannerisms. He does this in a silent, non attention seeking sort of way, but if you’re aware of it – it can totally freak you out. He is my sweet blue eyed child, and the other three have gorgeous chocolate-y eyes. He’s a quiet sort, but the quiet sort that you have to worry about.

Seth. Sweet, sweet Seth. He is only 3 months old, and I had no idea that God made babies as sweet as this one. He smiles, he coos, and he does not cry. If he has a need or a want, he grunts. Seriously. It’s weird, and lovely and I adore him. He’s also very pudgy and just starting to outgrow his newborn clothes. Well, really he already had, but I loved them and wouldn’t admit it was time to stop stuffing him into them like a sausage and just break out the next size already. But I’m past that, and he’s wearing clothes that are more comfortable now and he seems even happier.

The Cat. Kim named him Charlo when she was 5, and the name was perfect. He’s gorgeous, and fluffy, and so beautiful that my mom and sister refer to him as ‘the cat in drag.’ If you saw him, you’d understand. Everyone assumes he is female, he’s so pretty. And it also looks like he’s wearing showgirl style eyeliner- that probably has something to do with it.

This is who we are. A normal, Christian family in the middle of West Texas. And a total work in progress.


Your Comments

Stephanie Said:

I got to your blog through a comment you left on Amy's Hunble Musings. Your site is great, you are very funny and true:) I am a Christian stay at home mom too with 2 beautiful littel girls, 2&4. Come check out my blog sometime. I'll bookmark yours. God Bless.

on Jan 13, 2006 8:07:06 PM
Robin Said:


When I check out a blog, I always like to go back to the "get to know" the blogger. I read the current entry, but then head back to the first month. Enjoying getting to know you (Blogging Chicks has a diverse roll...yours is one of the best ones I've read :) ). I began blogging in September (I think), but did not let anyone have the link to mine til maybe February. I was VERY shy and it's not always easy to post...that's changing ever so slowly. Of course, "shy" for me is funny b/c in person, I'm "out there". Go figure. Anyway, I look forward to continuing the read...I'm engaged already!

on Jun 13, 2006 8:21:43 AM
Gina C. Said:

Seems like we have a lot in common. 4 kids, aspiring inspirational writer. Though you seem to have finished several WIPs. I've got several incomplete. I love interviewing writing moms on my site. If you're interested, drop me an email!

on Jul 11, 2006 10:14:59 PM